Spring Soiree 2018


Engage in an evening of fantasy at the grandest speakeasy in town! From a suspenseful murder mystery to dancing the night away with classic childhood tunes, this night won’t disappoint. Come with your sweetheart or stag with friends for an evening of blissful delight we’re sure you’ll enjoy.

Saint Yves 

Located a convenient 5 minute walk from Dupont Circle Metro Station (Red Line) between M Street NW and N Street NW on Connecticut Avenue NW, Saint Yves is a swanky location for socializing. Don’t get lost! Look for a TSO sign outside Saint Yves’ door, which is between Citibank and CAVA. 

But what do I wear?! 

Go all out with cool 20’s speakeasy attire or classy with a date night wardrobe. The only rule is to wear what makes you comfortable in your own skin! For attire ideas visit Sam’s Pinterest Board!

Murder mystery? 

A beloved Trachtenberg member is sleeping with the fishes! Although we cannot reveal all the twisty details now, we will say that there will be enough time to solve the mystery, eat, dance, drink, and socialize. Upon arrival, each guest will be handed a character card to assist in following the clues to find the murderer. Prepare for a real life game of clue! 


Best dressed, best dressed pair/group, most creative outfit, and most believable character persona are some of the awards we’ll be giving out throughout the night. The biggest prize will be given to the team who figures out who committed the murder! 


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If you are having financial difficulties and wish to attend Spring Soiree, please contact the TSO Diversity & Inclusion Chairs at tspppadiversity@gmail.com

Want to attend but not drink? Contact Samantha Sears and Anthony Cespedes, the TSO Social Chairs, to find out how you can be a sober monitor!