Fall 2018 Events

Welcome Back Trachtenberg!

Whether Fall 2018 is the beginning of a new grad school journey, your second out of three years, the start of the last year in Trachtenberg, or even your last semester with us, we’re excited to get to know you and watch you grow! We have amazing students starting their Trachtenberg voyage who are incredibly awesome and excited to be part of one of the top public policy & public administration schools in the country!

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TSO Fall 2018 Events

August 27: Classes Start

September 2: First Sunday Smithsonian Tour

September 6: GW Baseball Game

September 8: Hiking Event – Roosevelt Island

September 13: Happy Hour at Hotel Hive

September 22/23: New Student Retreat

October 2: HHM Podcast Club

October 4: D&I: A day in the life (event about disability hosted by Briana Taylor), 5-6pm

October 6th: GW Trails hike (tentative)

October 9: Midterm Study Session

October 13: Fall Ball! (Tentative)

October 22: Trivia Night at Tonic

November 4: First Sunday Smithsonian Tour: Museum of the American Indian

November 9: Hill Happy Hour (tentative)

November 15: TBergers Thanksgiving – District House B117 – 7PM-9PM

November 30: Happy Hour (location TBD)

December 2: First Sunday Smithsonian Tour

December 7: Finals Study Session

December 14: Finals Happy Hour (location TBD)