TSO Sweater Sale & Fundraiser

Finally! Trachtenberg School specific apparel. Available for purchase between November 8th and November 14th.

TSO has been diligently working to design a high quality, Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration branded sweater. Follow this link to purchase. SweaterNewLogo

(NOTE: we previously had another navy 1/4 zip option, due to quality concerns, we changed to a more well respected brand. The cost will remain the same.)

There were many colors and styles from which to choose, so we hope you are happy with this option! The sweater is navy, inspired by our school colors, and the logo will be embroidered in white on the right chest, as shown above. For more information about the sizing/make of the sweater see here. To read reviews about the product see here.

Purchasing your Sweater

You can purchase the sweater here for $35 (plus a small service fee). Eventbrite was our best and most convenient option for the timeframe in which we were working. We regret the small Eventbrite processing fee. A small portion of each sweater purchase will also go toward future TSO programming. Thank you for supporting our organization.

Picking up your Sweater

At this time, TSO does not have the option of shipping sweaters to your location. The purchased sweaters will all be delivered to the Trachtenberg School suite. They will be available for pick up at the annual Trachtenberg School holiday party on the evening of Friday, December 7th at the MPA building located at 805 21st NW, Washington DC. To ease some of the complication of picking up sweaters during finals week, we highly encourage everyone to pick up their sweater that evening. If you absolutely cannot pick up your sweater on December 7th, members of TSO will coordinate availability for you to stop by the MPA building to retrieve your order. More information regarding pick up between December 10th-14th will be emailed in early December.

Please email any questions regarding sweater purchase to tspppastudentorg@gmail.com