TSO 2019 Board Elections

For more details about the roles and responsibilities of each position, read TSO’s Election Handbook. If you have any questions or concerns about this election, email tspppastudentorg@gmail.com.

Executive Board

Presidential Candidates 

Alvan Makoundi-Tchibinda


I believe TSO is an organization that works to promote a welcoming environment to all of us, where we can safely meet others and build lasting relationships. The current board has constantly worked to do so, and I plan on continuing on their footsteps thus provide you with the best potential support you could need during your time at Trachtenberg. I do not believe that I am better than anyone currently running for the position, however, I do know that I will give it my best. Furthermore, my exposure to leadership positions such as Resident Assistant, Student Government Association President, Treasurer and others throughout my education will be a great addition to the Board.


Lindsay Rapkin

LindsayI’ve always felt that my life calling is to work towards improving the lives of others. That passion, coupled with my experiences growing up in Los Angeles, lead me to public policy and the belief that being a leader in my community, when possible, is of utmost importance. Most of us only have two to three years at GW and should use that time to mold our school into what we each envision both academically and socially. I am organized, detail-orientated, and love to help others. I hope I have the opportunity to represent and work with all of you over the next year!




Tereese Smith

Tereese Smith HeadshotTrachtenberg is filled with a diverse array of students with various interests who are all connected through our desire to do good and do it well. My vision for the TSO is a group of student leaders dedicated to creating an overarching sense of community within our school. When I think of a flourishing community I think of one which has interesting and engaging programming, an entertaining and welcoming culture, and thriving opportunities. I plan to realize these three pillars of community by utilizing the extensive array of skills and connections I cultivated throughout my undergraduate career at GW. As the President of BWF, I helped to revitalize and engage its members. I increased fundraising, held more events than years prior, and increased the event attendance record. I left the organization significantly stronger than when I came into it. I hope to leave the same legacy behind with TSO.

Vice Presidential Candidates

Andrew Miller

AMillerHi, Trachtenberg! I’m Andrew, a second-year MPA that currently serves as the Graduate Public Affairs Council (GPAC) chair for TSO. I would like to be the TSO Vice President to build on the incredible progress made by this year’s board. As the GPAC chair, I am responsible for representing TSPPPA to other DC-area policy schools. This year, I’ve worked hard with other representatives to institutionalize the GPAC and introduce new traditions such as a back-to-school happy hour a kickball game against American. As Vice President, I will seek to ensure we all benefit outside the classroom and are exposed to social, professional, and volunteer opportunities that offer members a chance to collaborate. I would like to explore implementing either at-large or committee positions to introduce leadership opportunities to first-year students. Thank you and I look forward to working together!


Laurel Varnell

20545297_10214949392867424_800083379661533388_o.jpgHey Tbergers! My name is Laurel Varnell and I am running for the Vice President of TSO. I’ve watched TSO board members work hard to create a community for us and I would love to continue to build this community. Professionally before coming to GW, I worked as the Assistant Director of Student Activities at Bowdoin College where my job was to advise student groups and our student government. I helped student leaders navigate the administration, request funding, organize robust programs, and make sure their groups were running effectively. I would bring the skills I learned in this role to my work as your VP. Additionally, I have ideas to help make TSO more efficient, effective, and fun. This includes orchestrating additional Trachtenberg specific clothing/hats/etc, working to bring more ongoing events throughout the school year, and ensuring that TSO is meeting the needs of a diverse student body.


Treasurer Candidate

Kim Wilson

K. Wilson Headshot (1)With my intended field of study in Budget and Public Finance, current professional work related to the federal budget and appropriations, and past work in accounting at a credit union, I am highly qualified to serve as a TSO Board Treasurer. My relevant experience related to this role is complemented by my high attention to detail and general interest in working with budgets and spreadsheets. I am not only interested in the Treasurer’s operational duties, but also am passionate about serving the Trachtenberg student community. I was very intentional about pursuing my graduate studies at Trachtenberg due to its engaged and diverse student body that is deeply committed to public service. Participation in TSO social events and professional development opportunities is a critical component of each student’s experience as a graduate student. I would be honored to support the TSO and Trachtenberg student body as a Treasurer.

Treasurer #2: None Declared

External Relations Candidate

Tiffany Miller

IMG_1729I would be honored to serve as your External Relations Chair for the Trachtenberg School of Public Policy. As a former class vice president of my undergraduate institution I am excited to take on this new role in organizing events, ensuring our sites are accurate and kept up date, and planning fun activities that allow our students to connect with their peers. I take very seriously the importance and integrity of providing updates to the student community in order to promote engagement with TSO. I have experience interning for the US Attorney’s Office and the New York State Office of the Attorney General, this experience has mad me detailed oriented and well organized for any and all challenges I am faced with.

General Board

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee Candidates

Diana Aguilera (MPP)

IMG_1429 (1)I think is important to have a deep and fundamental understanding of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and their meanings. There is widespread confusion and people get tripped up not only on definitions, but on how to use these terms. As a student at Trachtenberg, I think is important to point out these differences because we can’t get on the same page or even take the next step when there are misunderstanding about these terms. As a minority student, I believe we need to educate others to comprehend our differences and similarities. For that reason, I am confident that I can be part of the TSO D/E/I chair representing MPP students, by turning this dialogue into action and increase diversity into our environment enabling students of different backgrounds to succeed, advance their perspectives, but specially be heard.

(MPA) None Declared

(ENRP) None Declared

New Student Liaison Committee Candidates

Lisette Ortiz (MPA)

UnknownI am Lissette Ortiz, a first-year MPA student and I humbly declare my candidacy for the New Student Liaison. As new students, we tend to be so busy balancing life, school and work that we often time neglect to advocate for ourselves and needs as students. If elected, I will get to understand your needs are and voice those concerns to develop intentional and meaningful actions for our collective benefit


(MPP) None Declared

(ENRP) None Declared

Professional Development Chair Candidate

Brooke Siegel

n4DbvHCw-1I am excited for the opportunity to apply for the Professional Development Chair on TSO. During my undergraduate career, I was President of a student organization that raised money to build schools in Ghana, Guatemala and Laos. As President, I was in charge of overseeing all events planned and money raised. Through my involvement, I gained strong management and public relations skills that I think will prove valuable in the Professional Development Chair position. If elected, I plan to use the interest of students as the main driver for planning creative events. Similar to years prior, I would like to plan Headshots on the Capitol, Hill Happy Hours, Tbegers and Freshman Fries Happy Hour, and Mock Interviews. I am hopeful that I will be able to apply my skills to this position.

Social Chair Candidates

Erik Chen

imageI love learning about people and listening to their stories and life experiences. As a social chair, I want to help create an environment that enables people to feel comfortable in bringing their genuine selves and uplifts us all to just be in the moment and enjoy each others’ company. From a social aspect, I believe it’s important to listen and give people what they want in their choices of activities and offer them a wide range of possible spaces to 1.) create stronger bonds with one another and 2.) bring out family members. Some initial ideas I bring to the table (in addition to traditional events) are: weekend hikes, neighborhood explorations/ food crawls, movie screenings, seasonal sporting events, brewery outings, mental health workshops, rock-climbing, laser tag, bowling, board game nights, and salsa dancing nights. In addition, I’d like to conduct a survey to gather other areas of interest from the student body.


Regina Wright

Regina_WrightOriginally from Cleveland, OH, Regina graduated from Xavier University in 2017 with a B.A. magna cum laude in Political Science and International Studies-Business with a minor in Spanish. She is currently a Junior Policy Fellow at the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA). She enjoys drinking tea, watching FRIENDS, playing board games, going to the movies and dancing. Regina previously worked as an event coordinator and student liaison for student clubs at Xavier, and enjoys bringing students together to have fun and destress. Her favorite event to work on was April Foolin’ Around, a 24-hour charity event where students could enter video game tournaments, play cards and arcade games, and much more, with all proceeds going to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Cincinnati. As a Social Chair, she would bring creativity and good humor to the General TSO Board and plan entertaining events for all students to partake in.

Volunteer Chair Candidates

None Declared