The Trachtenberg Student Organization (TSO) is a cornerstone student organization that has served the TSPPPA community for many years. Throughout the year, the organization hosts a variety of programs that enhance the TSPPPA student community. From professional development events to volunteer and social events, TSO offers a wide range of programmatic activities. We are excited about welcoming you into the TSPPPA community and encourage you to join this dynamic organization.

Professional Development

The TSO Professional Development Committee organizes professional development events to improve networking and job opportunities for our members. In coordination with TSPPPA’s career services director, events such as career panels and networking happy hours give students an inside track to all the career opportunities D.C. has to offer in the private, public, and non-profit sectors. Members can also purchase business cards, essential for networking in D.C., and be paired with second-year student mentors to help guide course selection and career decisions. Be sure to participate in the Professional Development Committee-sponsored Group Thinks to brainstorm ideas with your fellow students to make your Trachtenberg education work for you!

Social Events

The Social Committee for the Trachtenberg Student Organization is charged with enhancing the student experience for all students within the Trachtenberg School. With our monthly Happy Hours, great summer events, and most importantly our Fall Ball and Spring Fling, the Social Committee makes sure all Trachtenberg students can have a fun time outside of class. Come out to any of our fun events!

Volunteer Activities and Community Involvement

The Volunteer Committee plans and organizes a number of different ways to give back to the DC community throughout the year. Including charity walks, planting trees, and food drives, Trachtenberg Students are eager to help those who need assistance. Keep an eye on the website and the Facebook page for upcoming events!

New Student Liaisons

New Student Liaisons serve the incoming class of Trachtenberg scholars. They work to organize and execute Accepted Student Days, Orientation and the annual TSO Student/Faculty retreat! These events welcome new students to the TSPPPA family and introduce them to the program, their fellow classmates and the greater DC metro area.

The Graduate Public Affairs Council (GPAC)

The Graduate Public Affairs Council is an organization of the graduate policy schools in Washington, D.C.  GPAC strives to put together professional, networking, and social opportunities for students in partnering schools. Currently, the following schools are members of GPAC: George Washington University, Georgetown University, American University, and Maryland University.

PhD Liaison

The PhD Liaison coordinates with faculty and students to address questions and concerns, facilitates a broader understanding of doctoral needs and interests among the student body, assists with recruiting and mentoring current students, plans social events and the annual PhD Thanksgiving Potluck, establishes and enhances alumni relations among doctoral graduates, and serves a longer TSO term to aid in board transition periods.