TSO Perks

10 Reasons to Join TSO

10. You get to dress up for not one, but TWO snazzy events during the year:

Fall Ball & Spring Soiree.


9. Attend some professional development events and learn to be a real adult.


8. Explore DC through Happy Hours all over the city with your new TSO friends.

Image result for happy hour gif

7. Participate in the Diversity & Inclusion bookshare program to save some serious money by renting your books so you can spend it on important things… like rent.

6. Get some awesome TSO T-Shirts so you can rock being a nerd proudly!

5. Participate in volunteer activities around DC where you can make a real difference for DC residents.

4. Have an awesome Mentor/Mentee experience where you become best friends for life!

3. Win bragging rights (and maybe a cool medal) at the TSO retreat



2. Attend Spring Soiree with your classmates and bring all the great songs from your teens and childhood to life again.

1. Make these two years of Grad School the best two years of your life with amazing friends, great times, and a laugh or two along the way.

For more information on joining TSO, click here.