Bookshare Program

The Trachtenberg School’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee invites students in the the school to borrow some required books for the semester in hopes it will help cut down on the costs associated with getting a degree.

If you have required books for a class you are taking in the Trachtenberg School, look at this spreadsheet of the D/E/I Bookshare inventory.

If a book you need is on the spreadsheet, complete this Google Form to request to rent it (for free) for the semester.

On Monday (August 27), a Trachtenberg School Graduate Assistant will match requests from the Google Form with books in the bookshare, and contact you if you were “matched” with a book.  Books will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis and will be ready for pick-up on the 6th floor of the MPA building by 5:45pm on Monday (and for the 3 days following).  Books that haven’t been picked up by 11:59pm on Thursday, September 30, will be rented to the next person on the list.

All rented books must be returned at the end of the semester.