Trachtenberg Organizations

Women’s Leadership Fellows

Women’s Leadership Fellows (WLF) is a selective cohort of those identifying as women currently enrolled at the Trachtenberg School focused on empowering women. The group meets monthly to build leadership and community through skills-based workshops led by women who have years of expertise to focus on negotiation, conflict resolution, verbal and nonverbal communication, and management skills. Trachtenberg alums volunteer to mentor WLF members throughout the year to coach and lend advice to students. Learn more about WLF here.


Minority Leadership Program

The Minority Leadership Program (MLP) is a cohort made up of talented minority students enrolled at the Trachtenberg School. MLP provides these student leaders with unique opportunities and experiences to build leadership skills through activities and professional development with leaders in the private, public and nonprofit sectors. The MLP cohort seeks to advance the career opportunities of its members and inspire their ambitions with practical training sessions, networking opportunities and speaker sessions. From mentorship programs to social events, the network and lasting friendships found within the MLP stay with members long after graduation. Learn more about MLP here.


International City/County Managers Association

The GW Chapter of the International City/County Managers Association (ICMA) is a member based organization for students interested in local management. As the organization is just emerging, students who seek to work for state and local governments in any capacity are invited to join. GW ICMA’s programming will focus on leadership at the state and local levels while also considering key policy problems including gentrification, budget cuts, immigration, and sustainability. The organization will also host events designed to help students discover job opportunities and to provide professional development and career advice from experts in the field. If you have an interest in a particular area of state and local government or you are just keeping your career trajectory open, all are welcome to join!


Consulting Club

The Consulting Club is for Trachtenberg students whose goal it is to be in policy consulting after graduation. The club is still in it’s infancy, so stay tuned for more info!